YSL: Touche Eclat All In One Glow Foundation Review

Summer Skin, without the Sun.

This is the second foundation I have tried by YSL. The first being the Liquid Ink – which I liked but found quite oily.

This, however, is my new GO TO everyday foundation and I’m going to tell you why.

I never ever stray from my MAC studio fix, so I was surprised I liked this as much as I did!


It has a cream to water texture and It comes in 12 shades. Upon touching the skin, oversized droplets with up to 50% water and hydrating agents literally burst onto the skin! I recommend using your fingers or brush to apply! Not a sponge as that will just absorb the moisture!

Why I Love It:

Firstly, It feels like you are applying moisturiser to the skin. The BURST of moisture from it is incredible and my skin feels fresh and lightweight with it applied.

The coverage is fantastic and it just makes your skin look naturally glowing!

bonus points are given to the pump/tube applicator style packaging! That is what made it so travel-friendly.

I would HIGHLY recommend you go to your nearest YSL counter and check this guy out.


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