Wet N Wild : Photo Focus Foundation Review

About Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation:

This is one of THE most anticipated affordable foundations! Wet N Wild are known for bringing out incredible Products of great quality so this foundation caught my attention. It’s one thing to make great eyeshadows, but foundations and skin products are the make or break of a brand!

I had initially received a bottle of the photo focus foundation in PR but it was too dark and I wanted to give it a far try so I finally found my shade in a pharmacy in Lisbon Industrial estate Galway.

The shade i picked up was ‘Soft ivory’ from the display it looked like the palest shade but I cant be 100% sure!

How the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation Performs:

All the foundations are pink toned and I generally tend to go for yellow toned foundations so with that aside i was checking for the following:

  • Application,
  • Texture,
  • Smell
  • Coverage.

You twist open the black cap to find a spatula applicator. Normally, drugstore/pharmacy foundations have this kind of applicator so this is not out of the norm.

The smell is slightly off putting. It smells like paint. Plain and simple.

The texture however feels quite nice, it feels lightweight and blends out beautifully! I applied it with a beauty blender and found it applied easily and had a good coverage. After one application I did notice it start to slightly cake on my skin – (I had not applied powder or primer) So I am unsure as to how this foundation would layer.

I left the foundation to sit, mainly to see if it would oxidize and in the length of time I was wearing it, it went ever so slighter warmer (more pink) but nothing drastic. The overall finish is a satin or semi matte. Strong coverage with a slightly blurring effect but has a nice glow or sheen off the skin.

Overall opinion on the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation:

This foundation retails for €6.95 which IS an absolute steal. Will it replace my current go-to foundation – NO – but to be honest nothing will make me change from that! If you are looking for an affordable foundation then it id worth checking out, especially for that price tag!
You can find Wet N Wild in pharmacies scattered around Ireland!

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Troubleshoot:

When I went to remove the foundation I needed a strong oil based makeup remove to get it off – I used Clinique Take the day off oil.

When my hands were wet and I tried to drag them down my face, it felt as if my hand was sticking to my face with a weird resistance. This does make me wonder how the foundation would perform in wet weather. 


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