Urban Decay: Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid

Overview on the Urban Decay Highlighting Fluids:

Contouring was brought to the fore-front by Kim Kardashian, then we briefly experienced ‘strobing’ but not enough brands had the product catalog ready to cater to the strobing trend. Strobing is where you used highlighters to brighten and illuminate areas of the face instead of using contouring to hollow out the face. Now however, brands have caught up with the trends and what people want. As usual, Urban Decay are ready and willing to supply beauty lovers with what they need to stay on trend.

Info on the Urban Decay Highlighting Fluids:

The Naked skin range from Urban Decay has consistently just knocked all other competitor products out of the park.
They know they have a gold mine and nothing that is of a lower standard makes it into the range.

So what are the Urban Decay Naked Skin Highlighting Fluids?

A range of 5 different gorgeous illuminating shades to create a dreamy iridicent  strobed makeup look.

Urban Decay are bringing back Non-touring, they want you to put your contour products aside and instead use the strobing products to create gorgeous dimension to the face.

As with all products in the naked skin range, your skin is left with a beautiful blurred, almost photoshopped glow. -You can see it, but you can’t.

The packaging is the same as the naked skin concealer and corrector products.

The Urban Decay Highlighting Fluid shades are:

Skywalk  :which is described as a pale iridescent blue

Luminous: described as a pearlescent white with gold shift.

Skin: which is described as a Champagne colour

Aura: described as an iridescent light pink.

Fireball: described as a peach with a pink shift.

Urban Decay says the products are perfect for mature skin, dry skin and just about every complexion type.

The packaging is perfect for travelling and is easily identifiable when you have it at the bottom of your handbag and are blindly throwing your hand in to find it. 

I also quite like how much product the applicator removes. It is always JUST enough product so no product gets wasted.

The formula is also the same formula as the naked concealer.

How to use the Urban Decay Highlighting Fluid:

I have a few different ways that I recommend you use this product depending on the outcome you are hoping for.


Apply a small amount on your finger and lightly tap it on the areas you would normally highlight.

Mix it with your concealer for the under eye area to create an illuminated glow while also giving you the coverage you need.

You can also use it on specific areas that need to be illuminated and sometimes I use it on top of my corrector. While some makeup artists will tell you that it is a makeup sin to highlight or illuminate an area that is corrected as you are drawing attention to the area, I actually find once I have my corrector on, it colour corrects the area then an illuminator such as these highlighting fluids, brighten the area, so there isn’t a dark or dull patch after the colour correcting.

The actual formula of the product is so thin and creamy that it doesn’t cake when on the eyes and it doesn’t cake with mixed with other products.


Urban Decay are yet to disappoint me with their Naked Skin range, these products are a perfect and welcoming addition to the line and I can only look forward to what they are going to add to it next!
These highlighting fluids are perfect for those who are glow veterans or those only starting out on their journey to have such a bad ass glow that they are seen from space. They are also highly affordable at €23.00


They are currently available at Urban Decay Counters nationwide and in House of Fraser and Debenhams.


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