Urban Decay ‘Electric’ Palette!

Urban decay have launched their newest palette and from all the hype, it looks like it is going to be a smashing success!

The ‘Electric’ palette features bright and bold colors!
The palette will retail for $49  and will most likely transfer over to €49. The palette will be available 18th of March.
Each shade is 0.04 oz., which is a little shy of full-sized eyeshadow (0.05 oz.), and it also includes a dual-ended brush.
They will be available in store in Debenhams, Ireland.

urbandecay_electricpalette001 urbandecay_electricpalette003 urbandecay_electricpalette004


The shadows are: ‘Revolt’, ‘Gonzo’, ‘Slowburn’, ‘Savage’. ‘Fringe’, ‘Chaos’, ‘Jilted’, ‘Urban’, ‘Freak’ and ‘Thrash’

Revolt is described as a “bright metallic silver shimmer with silver glitter.”
Gonzo is described as a “bright turquoise matte with floating tonal pearl.”
Slowburn is described as a “bright red-orange matte with floating pearl.”
Savage is described as a “bright hot pink matte.”
Fringe is described as a “bright metallic teal.”
Chaos is described as a “bright blue matte with floating tonal pearl.”
Jilted is described as a “bright metallic fuchsia with blue shift.”
Urban is described as a “bright metallic purple.”
Freak is described as a “bright green with gold shift.”
Thrash is described as a “bright lime green matte with floating gold pearl.”

It clearly states on the packaging that  ‘Slowburn, Savage, Jilted, and Urban are NOT intended for the ‘immediate eye area.’
This does often tend to happen with intense colors and especially colors with red tones. Due to the amount of Iron in the color of red eyeshadow it can irritate the skin/eyes.
I have always used colors everywhere on my face – even ones that came with a warning. It highly depends on your skin. I have never had a reaction to an eyeshadow. Although, staining has occurred and will most likely occur with this palette.