UR Makeup – Concealer and Makeup Mist – First Impressions!

I was first introduced to UR Makeup when they brought out one of my favourite beauty industry books called ‘UR Makeup Industry’ book.

Nichola filled me in on the fact they were releasing cosmetics and kindly sent me some in the post!

I received a setting spray and a full coverage concealer along with a super cute note book and plenty of information on the rest of UR Makeup upcoming products!

Full Coverage Concealer.

I received the ‘extra light porcelain’ shade and I was a little apprehensive, the tone seemed quite pink and I tend to lean towards foundations with a yellow undertone and I try to avoid pink tones in general!
But I wanted to give it a fair shot so I used my Urban Decay Pink Colour corrector, my MAC studio Fix NC15 foundation and the Ur Makeup Concealer. The concealer blended in beautifully, felt very lightweight and didn’t sit into fine lines!

The tone was actually perfect, it almost adapted to my own tone and looked gorgeous. It also didn’t cake which was a BIG PLUS for me! The product contains hyaluronic acid, Vitamins and antioxidants to give a hydrated and fresh look to the skin!

It is worth noting this concealer is oil free AND the brand is cruelty free!

The concealer stayed in place ALL DAY and never moved or slipped.


Makeup Mist:
€8.00 (65ml)

Once I had my makeup applied I used the makeup mist. One thing I liked was for the first time in forever I recognised the ingredients and there is only 6 ingredients in total! so no crazy chemicals!

The nozzle of the product distributes the mist very finely, so it doesn’t over saturate the makeup! This product is 100% water proof and smudge proof. It dries with a translucent matte finish, absorbs excess oil and doesn’t clog pores!

So final thoughts are I was pretty impressed with these two introductory products to the Ur Makeup range!

You can find out more by going here:  www.ur-makeup.com 

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