The Mitt VS The Wipe – Tried & Tested!

The latest trend in the beauty realm is makeup removal mitts!

The top 3 questions that came to mind as a makeup professional were:

How useful are they?
How practical?
How hygienic?

1) USEFUL: I found mine to be average, in the sense that It DID remove makeup ( all you need to do is wet the mitt) But you have to keep rewashing the mitt to remove the makeup from it. You will still need a cleansing routine to fully clean and moisturize your skin.

2) PRACTICAL: If you are in a rush, the mitt is NOT for you! It is not very useful on the go for the reasons stated above. It takes longer AND the amount of rewashing you must do to the mitt.

3) HYGIENE: I don’t use facecloths as they are NOTORIOUS for gathering germs. Those evil Germ fellows LOVE moist/damp/warm places. So when you wash your face with the mitt, then rinse the mitt and leave it to dry naturally it can easily gather up germs. A safe disinfectant for use on the face would have to be used when rinsing the mitt. Not very quick and easy.
Mitts are glorified facecloths.

As for wipes:

It is widely known that makeup removal wipes are very dehydrating to the skin. They do remove makeup quickly and easily.
Makeup wipes contains a  lot of alcohol which is what dries out the skin, but in the large scale of things, this problem is easily fixed.

My cleansing routine is:
– Using makeup remover wipes to take off heavy makeup – smokey eyes/contouring and so on.
– I then use oval cotton pads and the following products in this order:

L’Oreal Skin Perfection eye makeup remover
L’Oreal Skin Perfection cleanser
L’Oreal Skin Perfection Toner
and finally, L’Oreal Triple action night cream and in the morning I use L’Oreal Skin Perfection Moisturizer.

(This post was NOT sponsored by L’OREAL!!! haha)

That SOUNDs like a lot of products but I only use 1 dab of each product on 1 Piece of cotton pad each time and it completely takes my makeup off!
By moisturizing at the end of the routine I have put moisture back into the skin that could have been removed by the dryness of the wipes!

Due to this routine, I always have soft clean skin and never get issues with it!

Regardless of what you use. You should always:

Which do you use? MITT OR WIPE?
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