Social Media Plans for 2018!

Hey Everybody!

I’v got some great plans coming up for 2018 and after realising how many social media platforms I am using, Iv decided to let ye know that I will be focusing most of my posts towards my instagram. I will be doing this as I feel, that what I do is more visual so instagram can portray what I’m trying to show and tell you quicker and allow faster posting to my other platforms, example my facebook and on here, my blog.

In 2018, Im super excited to gradually make a content change, nothing brash or extreme it will be just as seamless as before!
The content will include more categories and be a lot more of a mix of lifestyle, products and makeup.

I casually use my snapchat for more personal daily posts But I prefer the effectiveness being able to tag friends, followers, companies, pages etc on instagram stories. Also any posts I do with business stay on their feed! Once upon a time my twitter was my main focus but I feel that my activity and interactions on twitter recently have not been as productive or efficient and to be fair, I haven’t even been on it in 5 months. So I have decided to let go of my twitter (I will be retaining the handle obviously lol – So no dodgy porn starts popping up under the brand name!!) and put my full efforts into one main social media platform to be treated as a one stop shop for everything. This will allow any info I want to give you guys a specific home, and all be easily accessible in the one place. I was choosing between giving up either Snapchat or Twitter but Snapchat is essentially more fun and suits my follower demographic more. So I put it to my followers and well, here are the results:


















If y’all could have told me that twitter one sooner.. hahaha



So I will be making big changes to content and the platforms on which you can consume it on! 

I will be using instagram and linking it to my most active social media platforms but this will be the place I will be the most active.

I have Youtube and people don’t even know! I need to use it more even though it is probably the most time consuming, I do feel it is worth the effort and by eliminating one social media platform I can dedicate more time to growing Youtube. As the poll shows, my followers definitely want YouTube videos and it will be a big part of 2018 for The Beauty

So if you are noticing a drop in activity on any platform over the next while, it is probably due to the refocus on Instagram/YouTube, so you will find me there!

 I will keep you all updated as usual! 


Rebecca. x