Sleek: Distorted Dreams Palette & Metallic Liquid Lip

The Sleek Distorted Dream Palette Overview:

This palette is easily on of the most anticipated highlighting palettes! The lovely gals at Publicity loft sent me on some new Sleek goodies to play with!

Sleek are notorious for their incredible highlighting palettes such as the cleopatra kiss palette and the Solstice palette.

The new Distorted Dreams palette is a combo of literal, dreamy pastel shades.

Firstly, the palette itself is silver instead of the usual gold and is square in shape as opposed to the usual triangular shaped palettes.

Inside, the palette has a full sized mirror and the palette is home to 5 highlighting shades with a combined total of 6 grams of product!

3 creams

2 powders

The cream shades in the Distorted Dream Palette by Sleek are:

A pearlescent white with pink reflects that swatches pink,

Blue  with silver and blue reflects that swatches blue

Green with gold reflects that swatches green/yellow.

The powder shades:

Gold with a warm red copper tone.

and a soft pink/white with fuchsia pink reflects that swatches pink ( a powder version of the pearlescent white/pink cream)

As usual, the palette is PACKED with pigment and the creams are super soft and buttery. You can use these highlighters on their own or as a base for an intense powder highlight! While It does advise you to not get any of the product into your eye, you could easily use this on the brow bone and carefully in the inner corner. I have tried wearing it over foundation and on bare skin and it applied perfectly on both. If you like to be SEEN FROM SPACE when you highlight, then this is THE product for you! You can also use small amounts and build it up!

The palette is currently available anywhere that sells sleek, so check your local pharmacy and they also retail in Boots for €13.99

Next up is the 3 metallic liquid lip colours from Sleek:

Rusted Rose – Deep Rose Pink

Volcanic – Deep Mauve

Roman Copper – Warm Copper Gold

These liquid lips are right on with the metallic trend that is everywhere is cosmetics right now. I found they layered nicely and didn’t apply patchy. These are not sticky/greasy or oily which I liked! 

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