Schwarzkopf – BC Fibre Force Masque Review

If you are reading this, it is because of two reasons:
-You normally read posts here
-You really, really screwed your hair with bleach and went looking for divine intervention.
Thankfully Schwarzkopf are here to help you!

My Hair History

Well, I have been through EVERYTHING one can go through regarding hair damage over the years.

For the past few years I have had white and silver hair, I decided to darken the crown of my head and start to let my roots grow out a bit. Over the guts of half a year, my hair grew and grew.
This lead to my next problem: Hairdressers wouldn’t even ATTEMPT to lighten my dark over grown roots to OR risk darkening the white parts. So I was left in limbo.
I would use a purple shampoo and toners to tone my hair, but every often they needed a lash of a strong toner and developer. This constant reusing of developer lead to my hair becoming extremely weak. Then through regular heat tools and toning my hair started to snap. I figured cutting my hair was inevitable but my hair was splitting at a rate fast then I could cut it.

So I cut up to my shoulders and have since been on the hunt to repair the extremely damaged hair strands that are constantly breaking.

Normally, my go to products are Redken Extreme but I decided to brand out and look for other treatments.

I tried a BILLION hair masks, protein shampoos and treatments then one day at the hair dressers suppliers I stumbled across Schwarzkopf Bonacure Fibre Force Treatment. Unfortunately the store didn’t have any other product from the range, So I picked up the treatment masque and researched the range online.

They indicate that you can use this product sparingly and to apply it with the same brush that is generally used for applying bleach. Due to the overwhelming mine field of breakage my hair has become I did not skimp on any of the product. I just about used a whole tub to coat every single scrap of hair.

The Product:

The product itself smells amazing and has a thicker consistency then normal masques.
This product promises the following:
– An intensive strengthening treatment for extremely damaged hair.
– Contains Mirconized Hair-Identical Keratins that deeply penetrate into hair at the core.
– Helps repair replenish & reinforce extremely damaged hair.
– Restores hair to its optimal strength.
– Hair appears bouncier stronger & healthier looking.


The product range used to have all black packaging it has since been redesigned to black and pink. 

The product specifies you leave it in for a minimum of 5 minutes.

The Application Method:

I sectioned my hair down the middle, then divided both sides again so in total I had 4 quadrants.

I started at the bottom and gradually worked my way through all my hair. If your hair is not EXTREMELY damaged you can brush the product through to ensure it has covered every strand because my hair is very thin and damaged I never brush or comb my hair when It’s wet.

I clipped it all up onto the back of my head and left it in for roughly 2 hours. The longer this product is on your hair the more keratin breaks into the hair shaft, replenishing and building the hair from the inside out.

The First Impression:

Normally, when I wash my hair I am used to the amount of breakage that washes down the drain, Im not going to lie, its A LOT.

As I began to wash with lukewarm water, my hair just felt like SILK!
I noticed a MASSIVE reduction in the amount of hair that was coming off in the shower and this was only my first use of the mask on its own. Needless to say, I am MIND BOGGLINGLY impressed!

To completely MAXIMISE the the hair rebonding process, take 30 ml of the treatment masque (Now referred to as ‘Bonding Cream’ on the new packaging) and mix it with 1 tube of the Bond Connect Infusion and apply it all throughout your hair!
Im actually waiting on the connector infusion and the fortifying sealer so once I have used them throughly, I will have reviews on them up too!

The Morning After

I do not know how to say this without sounding like I’m exaggerating, but it was honestly like I had a whole new head of hair. My hair was silky, shiny, soft, easily managed and noticeably stronger. Normally the morning after I shower I just pin it all up because I can brush it without more breakage and it just stays coarse and dead. This was different tho. I combed my hair and them easily pinned it all up.

I bought my treatment in the hair and beauty company, BUT they are currently stocking the range on and best yet, It is only €15!

If your hair needs some badly needed, emergency TLC I cannot recommend this product enough. I am so excited for the other two products to arrive and I will definitely be purchasing the shampoo and conditioner.

Basically, I want the entire range. I will be doing hair quality update posts over the next few months so stay tuned!