Physicians Formula Super CC Review

I received these in the post a few weeks ago and had never tried any PF products before!

PF  copy

I was also currently looking for a CC cream so when this landed on my doorstep, I was really hoping it would be great!

Straight away I noticed the Shade was too dark – But this is not a ‘problem’ with the product, I just wished it would have suited me because I genuinely loved the product and here is why:

If this product (Super CC cream) was put in a blank bottle and I was told nothing about what I was swatching, I would honestly assume it was a premium product. It has a gorgeous lightweight, dewy finish. VERY similar to Chanel’s VITALUMINIERE foundation. It also has an SPF of 30! The shade I received was Light-Medium. My ONLY complaint is that it wasn’t my shade! now, the actual shade range is quite limited unfortunately. Also, there is a slight SLIGHT chemical smell off the product.

NEXT UP: The ULTIMATE all in one eye product.
The Super CC Eye product is a primer/concealer/cream and like the CC Cream, It has a blurring effect and also an SPF of 30!
I LOVED the metal tip applicator. So much neater then your normal plastic tube. Again, this formulation Is lightweight and comfortable on the skin and the light/medium shade PERFECTLY matches the CC Cream shade.

Finally, We have the CC corrective powder. This powder consists of a skin colour, pink and green tones. When swirled together the ‘fix’ uneven skin tone. *HERE’S THE SCIENCE* Depending on skin tone, you would normally use a ‘pink corrector’ to light/correct dark blueish/purple discolouration on the skin, while green correctors lighten red areas of the skin. The idea of this powder is that when you swish the colors together you have you powder skin color and you are also evening out your skin tone. This powder is SO velvety and soft on the skin. it didn’t cake which surprised me and the compact flips up and has a mirror and brush underneath.


Considering this is my first introduction to this brand, I am very impressed with the products I tried.

This super CC collection gets an impressive 3/5