NYX Cosmetics Lingerie Liquid Lip Review

I recently bought 3 of the NYX Lingerie Lip products, I had heard the hype and was looking for some nice nude toned matte lip creams!
Once I wore them I NEEDED the rest! So I put in another order and got 6 more! so I have 9 out of 12, the other 3 were sold out! 🙁

IMG_0025 IMG_0026

They really are ‘Nude’ tones too! from dark warm browns to peachy nude – there is a shade for EVERYONE!
also a little goes a very long way!
They are VERY comfortable on the lip and do not feel sticky, they also don’t ‘peel’ off.
They are the best affordable matte lip cream in regards shade range and comfort.

These beauts are available on Boots.ie and retail for  €9.25!!

A WORD TO THE WISE the swatches shown by NYX are VERY VERY OFF!! This is the swatch image boots currently have up on their site: tumblr_inline_o4cqfoWU4a1tvdyit_400

so please do not go by this chart!