New Lancome Makeup

I picked up some Lancome Pieces!
Im not overly familiar with lancome cosmetics or their quality, I would personally know them for their skin care!
So let’s begin a break down!

I picked up 3 Eye liner pencils
Hypnose Star Mascara
Lancome X Alber Elbaz palette
Visionnaire Cream
Tresor Perfume
Tresor ‘In Love’ Perfume




I never normally pick up hard eyeliner pencils, I find them uncomfortable to use, but surprisingly these have a softness to them. They glide easily and have great color payoff!
The length of the pencil make it quite comfy to hold and although you are think you are a lot of product you are only getting 1.8g compared to a MAC pencil which is shorter in length but contains 1.36g of product.


Next up is the Lancome X Alber Elbaz

I have love and hate for this palette. Love the shades but I guess considering Lancome charge in the €30+ range for their palettes. The transfer pigment value just isn’t there. For those unsure of what transfer pigment value is, its when you swatch the shadow on your finger and the colour is intense but when you then wipe your finger onto your arm/hand/eye the colour isn’t nearly as strong.. so you really need to go back and forth between your eye and palette with your brush to get good colour payoff.
There is however a gorgeous selection of cool tones in this palette!

I stockpiled up on parfum with absolutely NO SHAME.


I actually loved this mascara and would definitely repurchase it! GORGEOUS packaging and a nice wand!