NeoStrata Review – Tried and Tested!

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In this blog post, I’m going to be telling you all about NeoStrata Products!

They contacted me about a month ago in relation to working together which I jumped at the chance and then they kindly sent me on numerous products to try out. I had never tried NeoStrata before this so I was going in pretty blind!

I was given the opportunity to attend their award ceremony for all the fabulous sales staff across the country and also got the low down on new products while I was there!

Their product range is broken down into different categories.

  • Resurface
  • Refine
  • Targeted
  • Enlighten
  • Restore
  • Skin Active range.

They are also Colour coded to make finding the right one for you so much easier and you will know which products belong to the range that suits your skin.

The products are very strong in their ingredients. A lot of their products have PHA which stands for polyhydroxy acid.



The clarifying gel cleanser €27.25

It has 4% PHA and it is highly moisturising. It can also be used on sensitive skin. Personally, I used to do this as my second cleanse when I would shower. I found it gentle on my skin and did not harshly strip the skin. It has a lightweight gel consistency and foams easily on the skin. My skin felt super clean after I used it.

It contains highly moisturising 4% PHA – Gluconolactone, PHA – Polyhydroxy acid and Triclosan which Is a broad spectrum antibacterial.

Bionic lotion €50.35

It is an anti ageing moisturiser and is ideal for dry skin it has a lightweight formula and contains antioxidant PHA which attract and bind moisture to the skin. It is clinically proven to improve dryness, redness & flaking that is associated with Eczema. It is part of the ‘Restore’ product range.

This moisturiser was crazy! Teeny Tiny amounts go a long way! I was initially using it on it on my face but then started using it on my body too! It absorbed quickly Into the skin but the moisture shine off my skin was crazy, my skin looked SO hydrated! The smell was a little off putting to me but A friend didn’t notice the scent at all. Honestly tho, It is a good thing, You really don’t want fragrance in you moisturisers – trust me!.

Ultra Brightening Cleanser
This cleanser stimulates cell renewal and has a thicker consistency then the clarifying gel cleanser. This is from the ‘Enlighten’ range or in terms of colour coding the orange range! This cleanse felt quite luxurious compared to the other. It had a nice scent and my skin looked so fresh afterwards. I like to use this every morning as part of my morning skincare routine!

Tri- therapy lifting serum €79.95

Triple anti-ageing complex that volumise and sculpt skin. It is a part of the Skin Active range.

It contains 8% gluconolactone.The PHA’s help to reduce oxidative damage and gentle enhances exfoliation.

Aminofil 1.25% Volumizes the skin.

The patented amino acid derivative is concentrated to help reinforce the skins matrix and target hyaluronic acid to volumize & plump the skin to give a lifted appearance.


LMW (Low Molecular Weight)  Hyaluronic Acid 0.5% penetrates the skins surface to attract moisture providing hydration to visibly improve skin texture. 

I have to say, I absolutely ADORE the Tri Therapy Lifting serum. It recommends you use it in the morning and evening, but I was only using it at night. It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves no residue. Before I started using it, I had noticed my skin was dull and almost ‘crepy’. I was using exfoliators and a hyaluronic acid as additional steps in my skincare routine to try to fix this problem and as you guys know, the drier and more crepy you skin is, the older and almost wrinklier it looks.

So with having nothing else to lose, I started using the NeoStrata clarifying gel cleanser and the tri – therapy lifting serum after 4 weeks I can honestly say there was a massive improvement in the appearance and feel of my skin. Most noticeably on my forehead. The skin looks ‘fuller’ or more plump and feels extremely soft. Areas on my cheeks that usually suffered from breakouts eased up too! I felt like it was doing so many different things to my skin that I was initially using loads of different products to achieve.

Out of everything I tried, that serum is a serious MUST BUY if you are looking for a serum.

Two other products I was using was the NeoStrata Skin Active Line Lift  Step 1 and Step 2.


Step 1 has an Aminofil activator and a ‘roll on’ applicator. The Aminofil technology boots natural collagen to help erase deep lines.

Then you apply Step 2 the ‘Finishing Complex‘ over where you placed Step 1 and gently massage it in.

I was then applying the Tri-therapy lifting serum on top of these products and the only way I can describe the feeling was how I imagine botox feels. My skin felt and looked tight but did not feel uncomfortable.


I also received the Enlighten Pigment Lightening Gel €17.95 and I can’t really give much of a review as I haven’t included It in my skincare routine for no reason other then my routine is already pretty jam packed! Once I get around to it I will give it its own post

I am quote impressed with the caliber of the products in general. I tried a total of 6 products and not one was disappointing or a let down. Which is a very promising sign for the rest of the product range. I honestly believe the Tri Therapy Lifting Serum changed how my skin felt and looked within the space of 4 weeks. SO I highly recommend it!!

NeoStrata products are available in pharmacies nationwide but you can also visit for a full list of stockists.

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