Maybelline Master Fix Powder

Maybelline have brought out a product to add to their already huge arsenal of makeup.

They call it their secret to setting and perfecting.

This is Maybellines FIRST loose powder and wi provide an airbrushes look with the micro fine, translucent powder. It will create a soft focus (Hey hey Photoshop!) all while setting your makeup in place!

The products says it will:

  • Set your makeup
  • Mattify your makeup
  • Blur your makeup
  • and smooth your makeup


When applying my own makeup, I always set my liquids with a translucent powder and then powder my T Zone with Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush finish powder.

The Maybelline powder retails at €12.30 and will be available anywhere that sells Maybelline so hit up boots and your local pharmacy!

First Impressions:

The packaging is very sturdy and the product does not fall out from under the lid which I like, The powder itself feels SUPER soft when your run it onto the skin!

My one BIG major flaw with these kind of containers is that you MUST keep the packaging upright and can’t really travel with it, once you remove the little sticker covering the holes that dispense the powder it will continue to fill up the lid ad then when you open it, POOF! it goes everywhere! This wouldn’t be travel friendly and is better sitting on your vanity.


Overall as a translucent powder it works great and does what it says it will do, It is just unfortunate that the packaging is the way it is!