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Makeup Revolution is a brand that I think I had only previously used, briefly once. It was only a highlighter I had used so couldn’t really form a fair opinion of the brand. However the lovely Jen & Ciara sent me on some MR goodies to try out and I spent a while playing around with them on my Instagram stories.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of Makeup Revolution especially considering the price point. If you are looking for affordable makeup to play around with or some great affordable gems to add to your makeup collection then I recommend your try out Makeup Revolution, they are currently dotted around the country in different pharmacies, 300 different places in total!

The products I received were:

Strobe Lighting Palette €10.99

HD Cream Contour Light to Medium €15

Rose Gold lipstick in shade Red Carpet €5.49

Strobe Highlighter In shade Flash €3.99

Retro Luxe Gloss Kit in shade Truth €7.99

Retro Luxe Metallic Lip Kit in shade Worth It €7.99


 I started by used the Hd cream contour palette, for €15, I honestly didn’t know what to expect, contour palettes whether they be cream or powder can be VERY hit and miss. This was the Light to Medium kit but still worked fine on my crazy pale skin. There was one perfect cool toned brown which was perfect for contouring. The product itself blended perfectly and gave a gorgeous natural contour to the face. Nothing too intense or hardcore. The tones varied from warm browns to bronze with, lighter illuminating shades, banana yellow shade and a cool contour shade.

The next makeup revolution product I tried was the strobe lighting palette. Having had a good experience with the contour palette I had high hopes! I for some reason had the instant expectation that the highlighters would be BLINDING and intense but quickly found out that it is not THAT kind of highlight. These are more subtle, natural highlights delivering a soft glow. It definitely did not show up on my camera for the Insta stories OR swatch photos, but  can tell you that in person it was beautiful and the product did not sit into my pores. The palette has 3 shades, all iridescent.

Then I tried the Strobe highlighter in FLASH. I had expected the same result and while it was still a subtle highlight, I discovered it could be used wet, so i added some MAC fix + to my brush and it changed everything! The highlight was EXTREME and was even noticeable in the DARK! It was awesome! Flash is an iridescent white with green reflects which is gorgeous once applied.

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Moving onto the makeup revolution lip kits that are widely seen as the affordable version of the Kylie Kits, I was pretty excited to see if they lived up to the hype. I tried the Metallic shade Worth It first a deep maroon shade with bright pink reflects. The pencil was buttery and the metallic sheen was not chunky or patchy which would have been ‘worst case scenario’. The liquid lipstick itself was easy to build up, didn’t have a bad chemical smell and speed evenly. The same can be said for the liquid gloss kit in shade TRUTH.  Truth is a beautiful toffee brown shade with a high shine gloss. Neither WORTH IT or TRUTH feel sticky or oily.

The last product I tried in the makeup revolution rangewas the Rose Gold lipstick in Shade Red Carpet. This actually had a super slight scent to it. Almost reminded me of a far softer version of the vanilla scent that MAC use in their lipsticks. The lipstick was a warm red, which almost had a pink shift to it.

Final Opinion:

For an affordable drugstore brand, the quality of makeup revolution was good! I will definitely try out some of their eyeshadow palettes and see if the quality carries through. So next time you are looking for some affordable makeup, at the very least Makeup Revolution products are worth swatching!

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