Makeup Brushes

I dont believe in spending an extortionate about of money on makeup brushes, however I do expect and want a certain amount of quality from them.

I am a brand ambassador for Ur Makeup and have been using their brushes for around 2 years now? I adore their brushes and bring them everywhere with me. I like that they have little sets that you can purchase on their website so you are not committed to buying a bunch of brushes you do not want/will not use!





They have some Sets on offer, these two are my favs:
The reason I have picked out these two sets is because They are idea for a beginner or pro!
The both contain blender brushes,  a flat brush for crease cutting and a smaller compact bristled brush for shading a crease. Thease are all staples in  any look!


Another set of brushes I have been using non stop, is the Sharleen Collins makeup brushes. They were gifted to me in PR and I have been using their face brushes in every look I create. I have no washed my brushes before taking these pics so they still have makeup on them.

The bristles are super soft and don’t hold onto product. They are not scratchy or itchy on the face either which I love!


Outside of these brushes, I also religiously use a beauty blender for appling a light base layer and then for also pressing down the top layer of foundation.

My mix of using Ur Makeup eye brushes with the Sharleen Collins face brushes have been my perfect brush combo for the last while, I also use some Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes, usually some eye blending brushes and the odd face brush!

If you are interested in trying out some UR MAKEUP brushes, you can click on the link there and use the code THEBEAUTYBIBLE for 10% off!


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