MAC Maleficent Collection!

This is the collection I have been WAITING for!

The collection is due to arrive in stores in May/June!

Lets take a closer look at the collection:
900x900px-LL-1d4e3b7e_maleficentpowders 900x900px-LL-35f80a43_maleficentlipseyes900x900px-LL-370b56b6_maleficentnp 900x900px-LL-76848111_maleficentlashes

My inner disney and ESPECIALLY Maleficent (because sleeping beauty is my fav Disney movie) fangirl is slightly disappointed…

I feel that MAC hit the nail on the head when it brought out the venomous villains collection. That was BANG ON Maleficent.

While the colors ARE gorgeous and I would definitely use them on a daily basis…they just aren’t Maleficent. I was expecting purples/blacks/greens..

Either way, I will definitely be buying the collection. I just wish it was more Maleficent!

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