Lancome : La Nuit Tresor Parfum

This month, Lancome are launching a brand new parfum in their line of fragrances.

La Nuit Tresor

I have had this perfume in my possession for a few weeks now and I have been wearing it to see how it wears, if other people comment on it and how well it lasts on the skin.

I am quite a big fan of Lancome fragrances, my favourites being Miracle and Hypnose.

I have a soft spot for Tresor as it was the fragrance my nanny always wore when she was getting dressed up for somewhere so I find the scent very comforting.

The Scent

If I had to describe this scent by comparing it to other Lancome fragrances I would say it is a Perfect mix of Tresor and La Vie Est Belle.

and I mean – a perfect mix.

Personally, although I like La Vie Est Belle I can find it over whelming. However, when mixed with Tresor it softens down the intensity.

It is quite floral. Main ingredients are Black Rose with a twist of Vanilla Orchid. It is perfectly described are sensual and delicate. The scent is incredibly smooth.

The Bottle:

The Bottle is simply stunning. This bottle displays on its side and has a black rose tied around the neck. The bottle cap is the same as on the Tresor bottles. The bottle is a black diamond and feels/looks luxurious.

The Wear:

I have worn this to college daily and it leaves the most beautiful scent when it has died down. People were commenting on the scent and overall I could smell it all day. The scent still lingers on my scarf and coat and it is absolutely beautiful.


If you like floral fragrances or strong fragrances, La Nuit Tresor is for you. I find it suitable for every day or night time. My usual go to fragrance is Tom Ford Black Orchid but I find I have been reaching for La Nuit Tresor more for daily wear. A 100ml Bottle is €88 and is available on all Lancome counters nationwide from April 2017