Lancome Juicy Shaker – Berry In Love



Lancome recently brought out the ‘Juicy Shaker’. These guys were to replace the highly loved Juicy Tubes,

The advertising for these little lip beauts was genius honestly. Creating the packaging to look like a cocktail shaker.

The shade I picked up was Berry In Love. It smells DIVINE and feels so lightweight on the lips.
It doesn’t leave a sticky residue or feel greasy. If i want a glossy finish I apply two layers. If i was something more muted, I used it as a lip stain by applying it then patting it down with a tissue.

How this works is, you shake the shaker upside down, then I wipe the sponge applicator across my lips for the first layer then shake it again and dab on the second layer. The applicator picks up JUST enough product and has a very nice sponge tip applicator. The lip oil contained in these lil bad boys is so nourishing to my lips.


The idea is the more you shake, the more pigmented the colour becomes.

It has quickly become my every day lip product and I love to apply it when my lips are feeling tight or dry.

IT is also very travel friendly!