Keepin’ It Natural – My favourite products!

For some people with sensitive skin, picking skincare products can be an absolute nightmare!

Im going to show you my FAVOURITE products that are recommended for sensitive skin AND are all natural.

I, myself have combination skin, so I don’t have any MAJOR skin concerns but every so often my skin needs a break from all the makeup and chemicals it endures on a daily basis.

My favourite setting spray (These are also commonly referred to as ‘Revitalising sprays’ is the Monuspa Professional skincare ‘Rosewood Reviving Spray’. It has a soft rose scent and is recommended for all skin types!
It doesn’t leave a sticky residue and feels so light and fresh on the skin!

Next up is Naobay.
I recently tried their Toner, facial Mask and Hair mask.
For a brand/product to be considered ‘organic’ it must only contain 10% organic ingredients, thanfully Naobay contain 99.50% Organic ingredients!!

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The facial mask/peel has a nice orange scent and is great for exfoliating the skin!
The toner isn’t too stringent so it won’t sting or dry out your skin!

I color my hair a lot so when my hair needs TLC it’s nice to use a product that has minimum chemicals so the hair mask is perfect for taming and smoothing my hair without adding anymore damage.
All products are affordable too and come in simplistic packaging.

These are my go to ‘detox’ products! Let me know on social media if your have ever tried Naobay or Monuspa!