I was recently invited up to Dublin to see, smell and hear all about KAYALI fragrances.

There are 4 in total:





Citrus and Musk KAYALI Parfum

What’s The Deal?

But do not be fooled, that does not mean we only have 4 scents. You can mix these scents together and you can also mix then with other fragrances you own!

This resukts in you creating a fragrance that is 100% you!

MY favourite combo at the moment is Citrus during the day and popping some Musk over it for nighttime!
I also got to try mixing Vanilla and Musk when I was in Dublin and that is gorgeous too, it is a very smooth scent!

I am going to play around with these and see the different scents I can create – the more unique the better!

In Ireland, you can sniff amnd spray KAYALI to your hearts content in Brown Thomas and I recommend you try it!
Its fun to see what scent combo you can come up with!




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