IsaDora Products Review

New Products, New Makeup to love!

Admittedly, I had NEVER tried IsaDora before! I know…I know…

I attended a PR event they had in Galway and that was my first introduction to the brand!

The gals there were so much fun and that is so important as a first impression of the brand as a whole!

Aine and I swatched and played around with the products on show and I couldn’t wait to play around with them!

This is the completely iconic bronzer which is absolutely HUGE!

Chubby Crayons are perfect for summer weather or if you are going on holidays!


This chubby highlighter is stunning on the skin!! Supermodel skin in SECONDS.

This highlighting wheel was definitely my favourite. It has 1 Matte bronzer and 4 shimmer shades that could be used as just highlighters or on the cheeks for a bronzed glow!

This highlighter wheel came with me on holidays and was essential for night time glam!

All of these products are currently available and if you have not tried out IsaDora I would encourage you to. I’m really happy with the quality of the products and will definitely be checking out what other products they have!

They are available in pharmacies nationwide!

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