Instyler Max Review

You have seen them all over Instagram, but are they worth the money?

The Instyler Max is everywhere right now. When I got my Platinum Hair Extensions in, the girls in the salon used the Instyler Max and I loved the soft curls it left on my hair. So, I decided to ask my brother for one for Christmas!

They usually retail for in around €80/90 but Boots had them on offer for around €65 but I don’t know when that offer finished, however they do retail them as do Platinum Hair Extension stores.

It definitely took some getting used to! The girls in Platinum made it look so effortless!

Pretty sure I gave myself third degree burns on my forehead the first time I tried to use it…Im pretty useless at anything to do with hair!

But it really is a little gem. It will brush/straighten/curl your hair.

You can have strong ringlet curls or super soft gentle curls. One of the features that is pretty cool, is when you clench down on the wand twice the curling iron which rotates, will turn and rotate in the opposite direction! preeeeettty slick. As with most heating tools, it also have different heat temperatures.


I adore mine, even those it is taking a little bit of time to get used to it, but that only because I’m pretty useless at hair!

If you are into hair styling tho, I do recommend you pick one up.

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