How to properly and safely clean your makeup brushes!

you can spend anywhere from €10 – €500 on a set of makeup brushes. Regardless which you buy, It is always important to take good care when cleaning your brushes. Proper brush cleansing will make them last longer!

RULE #1.
DO NOT SOAK the brushes!! this is just an overall disastrous idea! you will destroy the hair on the brush.

RULE #2.
ALWAYS dry the ferrule of the brush! thats the shiny silver bit!)

RULE #3.
Always apply the brush cleanser (I use MAC Cosmetics brush cleanser – €20) on a cotton pad, then swirl the brush on it in a circular motion. The circular motion helps get all the makeup thats stuck u inside the brush out1 Keep repeating this until your are satisfied the brush is clean!

RULE #4.
Lay your brushes out to dry naturally. Do not use any heating tools to speed up the process!