Hot Lips – the NEW Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks!

just when you thought it was safe to go back into Brown Thomas and actually leave with money in your wallet, Charlotte Tilbury has decided to send you back to poverty.

Charlotte is launching the Hot Lips collection featuring brand new lipsticks inspired by and named after famous women.
Upon the first few months of their release, money will be donated to a charity for women. SO IT’S ALL GOOD!

The shades are:
Electric Poppy
Miranda May
Kim KW
Bosworth’s Beauty
Secret Selma
Liv it up
Hot Emily
Hell’s Bells
Kidmans Kiss
Super Cindy
Carina’s Love
Tell Laura
Penelope Pink
Sexy Sienna
Nude Kate
Very Victoria

Some of these shades are currently part of the permanent lipstick line


At the moment this is all we have to go on, swatches and pics will be edited into this post as they are released!