Hair: Protein or Moisture?

When it comes to haircare, there are so many elements that need to be considered.

Do you use hot tools on a regular basis?

Chemical treatments such as bleach often?

Do you style your hair every day?

Generally, knowing how you treat/can damage your hair will answer the protein or moisture question, but if you are someone who does a mix of both then it is a little more complicated


Also known as Keratin, is used to restructure the hair. For example, every time you bleach your hair or colour it, the chemicals open up the hair strands/follicules to deposit the colour or lighten the hair. Each time this happens your hair structure breaks down a little bit more. Olaplex would be a good example of a product that is used to restructure the hair.

If the structure breaks down to much, the hair will be too weak and snap, this is your breakage.

How to tell if my hair needs protein?

Take a strand of your hair and gradually stretch it. If the hair continues to stretch and when the tension is realised the hair does not return to its original length but instead stays stretched, you have lost the elasticity in your hair which will result in breakage. Your hair needs protein. Other tell tale signs are: your hair takes ages to dry naturally or feels like cotton wool when wet. Usually, this type of damage is done from bleach and chemical treatments.



The Moisture in your hair is considered the amount of water your hair retains one it has dried. Most people have dry hair if it is not maintained well.

Every time you use heat tools and pull at your hair you can dry out the strands which will result in the hair breaking. Even the constant rays from the sun can dry out your hair, so can chlorine from a swimming pool.
To fix this, you need to deep condition your hair but look for one that does NOT contain protein if you do not need protein. Too much protein in your hair will result in the hair becoming fragile and overloaded and will again, snap.

Lots of brands in pharmacies have deep conditioners, but I highly suggest going to a beauty/hairdressers suppliers to purchase a good, professional deep conditioner.

How to tell if my hair needs moisture?

Generally, dry and damaged hair will appear like wire, it will be un-manageable and constantly tangle. To the touch, it will feel coarse and rough.


Final Thoughts:

A deep conditioning hair mask is something you can do every second night of the week to replenish hair if you wanted to, whereas a protein mask should only be used once a week or possibly bi weekly. It is super important that you can evaluate your hair and know what it needs, you don’t to put too much protein in.


For Protein I highly recommend using the Schwarzkoph Bona cure Fibre ForceBonding cream and Bond infusers which you can find on 

Both are sold separately. You mix one tube of the bond infuser with 30 ml of the bonding cream for some intense keratin love!

For Moisture I recommend the L’Oreal Professional Nutrifier Glycerol Mask. It is packed with nourishing oils and is silicone free, so It wont just coat the hair to make it feel nice it will actually work on nourishing the hair from the inside out! This is available in hair and beauty suppliers such as 

This retails or around €22.