Giorgio Armani : Ecstasy Shine

About the Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine:

I recently had lunch with Armani Beauty to get all the goss about their brand new ECSTASY SHINE lip colours!

There is a lot to cover when talking about the new Armani Ecstasy shine lip colours – and thats a good thing!

We will start with THE SCIENCE:

I had coffee with Vanessa from Armani and she just had so much knowledge about their products it was fascinating to listen to!

The main info you gotta know about these lip products, is that they are made with a hybrid technology. Armani are fusing skincare with pure pigment. The formulation consists of hyaluronic acid spheres that burst when they touch your lips giving an intense blast of moisture. The ingredients also contain rose oil to aid the care of your lips. Each lipstick is individually poured into its container. They use the method of crystallisation, by heating the product and then cooling it suddenly, this makes the product retain maximum pigment and then when the product is broken onto the skin it is super moisturising and hella pigmented, thanks to the hyaluronic acid and pure pigment.

The Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine Lip colour packaging:

The tube packaging is a stunning vibrant red which is also magnetic. Everything about the packaging looks and feels luxurious.

I am a huge lipstick lover and I am gradually coming back to being a full time gloss wearer. 


In the collection there are 18 brand new shades.

3 Nudes

5 Reds

2 Corals

2 Pinks

4 Plums

2 Pink/Reds

I  was kindly gifted 9 lipsticks which are swatched above, here are the shades in order of top to bottom how they are swatches:

300 ‘Play’
400 ‘Four Hundred’
200 ‘Silenzio’
500 ‘Crescendo’
601 ‘Attitude’
504 ‘Flirt’
602 ‘Night Viper’
401 ‘Hot’
503 ‘Fatale’


The lipsticks retails for €33 and are currently available in Brown Thomas now at the Armani Beauty counters! 

My favs from the range are:

602 – A cool toned plum

605 – Warm Pink

503 – Pink Toned Beige

502 – Rose Pink

505 – Deep Cherry with pink undertone

201 – A deep burnt red/terracotta. Brought in from across the other texture ad lip ranges.

506 – Pink with blue undertones ( Fuchsia)

One extra side bit that I loved is the scent. It smells like old fashioned, luxury, vintage powder makeup.


Overall opinion of the Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine Lip colours:

I actually really like these. The skincare & pigment combo is perfect for adding moisture to your lips all while adding amazing intense colour. For how much hydration it gives the lips, I find them value for money at €33.

These build beautifully and if you want more colour intensity, then just keep layering! The amount of moisture these lip products leave on your lips is actually impressive, I can’t remember the last time I wore a lip product that was this lightweight, packed with colour and hydrating!

Do you have any of the ecstasy shine lip colours? what do you think of them?


***** SNEAK PEAK*****

I was also given a peak of the CHRISTMAS palette which is a sell out EVERY YEAR. This years palette is full of cool tones that are PERFECT for a smokey eye, while having the bottom tray of the palette contain your skin products!



Sleek: Distorted Dreams Palette & Metallic Liquid Lip


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