The Ultimate Gift Guide For Her!

Christmas is that one time of the year where lads can redeem themselves for being general vacant, xbox playing zombies by absolutely nailing a present that yo woman would NEVER have expected you to get her.

Your digital gal pal Bekka is here, once again to keep you all in the good books.

Ok, so lets break this down into different price ranges and categories. These are products that stood out to me in 2017!

(QUICK FYI, I am not affilitated with any brand that I recommend in this post, these are just products I love and recommend and have personally used or trialled so you can rest easy that it is good!)

We will start with Perfumes.


  1. Miracle by Lancome is a gorgeous light and floral scent so if you lady is into flowers, she will like Miracle
  2. Black Orchid by Tom Ford is a Unisex perfume (and what I personally wear) It is dark, musky and amazing!
  3. Armani ‘Because Its you’ Is a fabulous perfume for women it is bold, sexy and luxurious.
  4. Miss Dior ‘Blooming Bouquet’ is a hyper intense Floral fragrance with sweet notes.
  5. YSL Mon Paris is a gorgeous clash of floral, fruity and fresh notes.
  6. Chanel Eau Fraiche is perfect for a women who doesn’t do floral or musky, but like fruity and fresh scents.

All of these are available to purchase in Brown Thomas, Debenhams and Boots stock some but not all of these.

Next up is BEAUTY!

  1. NYX Lip Lingerie Vault is a collection of mini lip lingeries, one of my fav lip products. Available in Cara Pharmacy
  2. Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara is perfect for getting full, thick lashes, a good stocking filler! Available in Brown Thomas, Debenhams, Local Pharmacies that have a Lancome Counter.
  3. Inglot Sparkling dust comes in different shades and any of the Inglot gals will be able to help you pick one for your misses!
  4. Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Powder is PERFECT for any skin type and gives an almost photoshopped finish to a makeup look! The gals at the counter can help you pick the right shade. Available in Brown Thomas.
  5. Black Canvas Magnimarble is the brand new brush set people are hyping on the internet, They are available in Cara Pharmacy.
  6. Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess Look In A Box – This is such a good gift idea and a safe one too as you don’t need to know skin tones or colours! There are a bunch of different ‘look in a box’ sets to pick from as well! Available in Brown Thomas.
  7. Crema Nuda is perfect for the super pasty pale gal in your life, I normally use Crema Nuda under my foundation to give an extra super porcelain look!
  8. Armani Ecstasy Shine Lip colour are perfect for every season as they can be built up in coverage and are SUPER moisturising. Available in Brown Thomas (Except the Galway on) Available on the website however.
  9. Urban Decay Naked Heat palettes is one of the biggest palette drops this year, if your gal likes smokey eyes – this will be fun for her to play around with. Available in Debehams.
  10. Urban Decay Shapeshifters palettes come in a light – medium, and medium – dark. So you can’t mess this one up. One side has contour/bronzer powders and highlighter and the other side has contour creams! Available in Debenhams.

Gifting RULES

Underwear: This is one of those dicey areas. LADS, HEED THIS WARNING, If you are not SUUUUPER familiar with what your gal normally wears underwear-wise, DO NOT TAKE RISKS. Just Don’t. You’ve been warned. ok? cool? let’s move on..

Ask For Help: Those chicks that work at cosmetic counters are your friends. In this case, your BEST friends. As soon as they see you they already know you are lost, confused and helplessly alone in regards to buying makeup. It is actually easier on them if you just point at one of these and say ‘my girlfriend/wife is that colour’ – it saves time. I was a makeup counter chick for a few years so just trust me!.

GIFT RECIEPT: Some cashiers can be suuuper busy at Christmas and can forget to ask if you want a gift receipt and on the down low, because I am your digi gal pal, they won’t ask if you want one because then you can come back and change stuff. SO ALWAYS ASK FOR ONE.

Finally, you will be grand! you can do this! JUST one hour of successful shopping and you get to go back to being an xbox zombie BUT with permission!


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