Garnier Ultimate Blends Range – Tried & Tested

Garnier have just launched their Ultimate Blends collection!
This collection has been in development for 7 years!
It is Specifically formulated and has been divided into 6 categories with each category designed to treat a specific hair problem!

–       Dry Frizzy Hair – ‘The Sleek Restorer’

–       Colored Hair –  ‘The Color Illuminator’

–       Dry, Damaged Hair  – ‘The Nourishing Repairer’

–       Dry, Dull Hair – ‘The Marvellous Transformer’

–       For Lifeless/Shineless Hair – ‘The Shine Restorer’

–       Split Ends – ‘The Silky Smoother’

I have tried out the ‘The Nourishing Repairer’ and ‘The Sleek Restorer’ ranges.

I adore hair and skin care products that have coconut oil/shea butter/cocoa butter. This is what makes The Sleek Restorer range perfect for it.
Each category is designer to treat a specific hair problem! I do suffer from dry/frizzy hair and after using the sleek restorer range I started to notice an incredible difference in my hair! Not to mention the cocoa butter smells DIVINE!

The shampoos & conditioners range in around €5.60. The hair treatment mask is around €4.00 and the oil is roughly €11.00. You can find these products in Boots, Dunnes Stores, Tesco and some pharmacies and local shops.