Full Face Favs: Wet N Wild

On a budget? or forgot your makeup bag? Either way, funds are limited and you want a full face of makeup at an affordable price. Here are my absolute top picks from Wet N Wild.


I am FULL ON obsessed with the liquid catsuits from Wet N Wild! These guys retail under €5 and the colour payoff is INSANE.

They don’t dry out your lips and are comfortable to wear. There is also a good variety of shades!


The Photo Focus foundation. I re-discovered this when I applied it on my friend Áine and it looked STUNNING on her, so I went ahead and used the powder and concealer from the collection and it all just blended into the prettiest satin finish. So they have definitely re-emerged in my makeup bag!

These foundations retail for around  €6.95 and are definitely worth trying out.


Next up is a gorgeous earth toned neutral palette and tan/coral blusher.

The colours in this palette are perfect for taking a day time eye makeup into a smokey one at night. The blusher is also perfectly buildable, so a light amount will add a glow to the skin and you can build it up to have a stronger draping effect at night.


Obviously you can choose from a variety of different eye palette to suit your style, Im yet to come across a wet n wild product I haven’t liked! So I recommend you have a switch party next time you come across a stand!

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