Fresh Platinum Hair Extensions

This week, I got my fresh set of Platinum Hair Extensions and a fresh color.

As it is coming closer to Summer, I decided to go  A LOT brighter and Imelda at the Platinum store in Galway did an incredible job or maintaining the integrity of my hair to get me to a bright blonde.

I left a week between removing my old set, getting the color and applying the new set of extensions.

As I have VERY short and thin hair I go for a Full head of extensions. Imelda did an UNREAL job of brightening up my color and Catherine nailed the extension application!


I am in LOVE with it! The blend is absolutely seamless! Catherine applied a full head of shades 60a and 61!

I am also going to try out an Alfaparf Reparative Low Shampoo to give my hair so TLC after all I put it through!


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