Essence Cosmetics ‘Pure Skin’ Skincare

I recently attended the Essence cosmetics press day up in Dublin. I spent a good few hours testing out the products to get you guys an accurate review!

I was quite eager to try out the new affordable skincare range! First up is the Purifying face strips:
Here is how essence describe the product:
‘The practical nose-strips quickly and thoroughly free the pores on your nose from blackheads and excess sebum. Simply moisten your skin, apply the strip and press down, wait and remove – now those pesky impurities are gone! Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed. ‘
They retail for €1.89.




photo 2-18

VERDICT: I applied the strips to my most affected areas with black heads (usually my T zone)
You apply the strips and leave them on for 15 minutes.
When I removed them I could visibly SEE the dirt on the strip and my pores were reduced!
for only €1.89 – I was quite impressed!

Next to take my product test was the 4 in 1 anti spot cream wash.

Here is how they describe the product:
Multifunctional! The essence pure skin anti-spot 4in1 cream wash can be used for daily cleansing or as a peeling or mask. And it has a quadruple effect against impurities of the skin: it thoroughly cleanses your skin, removes blackheads, leads to a matt complexion and refines your pores. All’s well that ends well. Simply pure skin! Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed. ‘

VERDICT: The cream has a thick texture – as it can also be used as a face mask. It has no chemical smell.
My boyfriend used it as a morning cleanse a few mornings and I used it as a mask as it has clay in it so it will harden like any face mask would. We both noticed we had more moisturized, softer skin. I followed this product up with my daily or nightly moisturizer, my skin felt incredible and looked fresh and awake !
It retails at: €3.49

The cleanser is going to be huge! Its cheap and most definitely does the job!

You can purchase essence cosmetics in Pennys stores nationwide!


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Also included in this new Pure Skin collection are:

essence pure skin anti-spot cover cream essence pure skin anti-spot gel essence pure skin anti-shine pore refining serum essence pure skin SOS spot killer ess. PS BB cream 10


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