DIY: Banana Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Every now and again, hair gets tired of the shit we do to it.

We must take care of our mane and nothing does that better then a deep conditioning treatment.

Now you COULD just go buy one in store but likelihood is, it will also have some silicone and other chemicals in it that make your hair feel nice but not much else.

This DIY mask is so easy to make and SO EFFECTIVE

Bananas is an all rounder in the world of beauty. Good to eat, good for your skin and good for your hair!

Bananas contain things like potassium, vitamin B6, folate, and other properties that are great for your hair (and also help with hair loss).

A banana mask will make your hair softer, silkier, help tame frizz and pump moisture into dry and damaged hair all while leaving a gorgeous shine!


  • Ripe Bananas (as many as you think you will need for the length/thickness of your hair.
  • Olive Oil : 2 large spoonfuls
  • Coconut Milk
  • Honey : 2 Large spoonfuls.
  • A Blender

Mash all of the above in a blender for 60 seconds or until everything is nice and liquified.

Cover you hair completely, starting from Root to the ends.

Wrap your hair in cling film, then leave it for 30 minutes.

Wash your hair with shampoo to take any remaining mask out, you might not need to condition it, you will know by how your hair feels once the mask is washed out!

Enjoy your silky soft hair, you can thank me for this gem later!