Cleanse Off Mitt Review!


Have you ever felt a tingling sensation after using face wipes? almost like a sting?

Well Cleanse Off Mitt has decided to put an end to the pain the pores on your face suffer on a daily basis!

Entering the ring, Weighing in 100% Polyester is – THE MITT
And his opponent,  – THE WIPE

Let’s put these to the test. Who would REALLY in in a makeup removing battle.
Why test? because I’m not just testing to see if the Mitt works, Im testing to see which is REALLY the better option to remove makeup with!

I will compare how many wipes of the mitt it takes to remove the makeup to how many face wipes.

Let’s test the annoying bits that never fully leave like MASCARA/LIPSTICK/FOUNDATION:

DSC_0304 DSC_0306 DSC_0305

Full face of makeup: (BEFORE) 1010608_10152015820324272_1167441153_n

After 1 wipe of the Mitt: 552674_10152015819204272_2015294173_n

I soaked my mitt in water for a few seconds, squeezed it out and began wiping!
It takes a few wipes of the mitt and a good few rinses to take the makeup off. You will have to clean the mitt so you’re not spreading the makeup all over your face instead of removing it!

The mitt retails at €5 and can be bought on the Beauty Emporium site!

Regardless if it took longer then a makeup removing wipe, my skin felt better after using the mitt… I guess because the only thing put on my face was water! I then followed up with my usual Cleanse, Tone and Moisturizing routine!
The mitt doesn’t feel rough on my face and did the job.

Don’t leave your mitt damp in between using it. Bacteria thrives in damp + warm places.
I am 100% AGAINST face cloths. So I do my best to dry out my mitt (Stick it on the washing line!)

Check out Cleanse off Mitt: HERE