Celeb Tan Review!

I was recently sent a bottle of Celeb Tan, a new tanning mousse that is paraben free, Alcohol free and contain organic actives!

When it comes to my skin I’m a bit psychotic! Moisturising, exfoliating and just general care of my skin is a big deal to me so I like any body products to be made of good stuff to help put my mind at ease!

I have often dabbled in applying bottle tan but as I am incredibly pale, they often look very orange or intense and just bad!

With Celeb Tan, there was a guide colour which helped immensely, so I could actually see where I was applying the colour.

They even have a shade guide on the bottle.

1 Hour for a light colour

2 Hours for a medium colour

3 Hours for a deep tan.


I was feeling confident and decided to go for 2 hours – I was honestly prepared for the worst but was willing to give it a try!

After the two hours, I washed it off, it didn’t seem too extreme and I went to bed. Next day I got up and went to the gym, my friend Aine grabbed my arm and said ‘ooooh thats a nice colour’ The more I looked at it the more I noticed the tan but it really was the most natural looking tan I had ever used. When I got home, My mom commented on the tan and said It was a nice colour and looked like a real tan.

So I decided I would apply another layer the following night and left it on again for 2 hours, washed it off and the colour was definitely more noticeable but still looked like an authentic tan – my skin also feels super soft. More importantly, I applied this as an inexperienced tanner, I just put the mousse on a mit and blended out, there are no streaks or patches, it applied very evenly and dried fast, It looks flawless!


I am actually quite impressed by this product! It is easily the most natural looking tan I have ever tried, 100% do recommend for beginner tanners and experienced tanners who want a beautiful tone to their glow!.

For only 14.99, you can pick up your own bottle HERE

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Check out that bronze GLOW!


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