Cara Professional Brush Set Review!

As soon as Cara announced their line of brushes I was skeptical.

photo 1-10

Were these brushes going to be china wholesale relabeled? which a lot of brush sets are! I wasn’t holding out much hope.
As the brushes were €29.50, I figured I would give them a go and I am so happy I did!

The brushes are made from synthetic hair so its animal friendly! Synthetic brushes can often be coarse compared to horsehair brushes but these brushes are SUPER soft!!

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There are 12 brushes in the set, the most popular and convenient brushes have been selected to be a part of the set.
Brushes included are:
– Foundation brush
– Stippler brush
– Large blush brush
– Kabuki
– Wide bristle eyeshadow brush
– Concealer Brush
– Angle eyeliner brush
– Large powder brush
– Lip brush
– Small compact eyeshadow brush
– Round Kabuki Brush
– Pointed Kabuki Brush

and it all comes in a gorgeous strong and sturdy holder.





photo 3-8


I was immediately taken aback by how soft the brushes were. They are VERY high quality for only €29.50. I would honestly recommend these brushes for both beginner and professionals.
The ferrule of the brush (the shiny silver bit) is very tightly put on keeping the bristles in place. This prevents the bristles from wiring (bristles sticking out everywhere) and making precise applications easy!

To keep your brushes in tip top shape, use a brush cleaner. It always worth splashing out a bit on a good brush cleanser. As a professional makeup artist or even a makeup enthusiast, your brushes are your most important tools!
My current fav is the MAC Cosmetics brush cleanser which costs €20 and lasts you for AAAGES!
Drop a bit onto an oval cotton pad and clean the bristles in a  gentle circular motion. DO NOT SOAK THEM. After cleaning ALWAYS dry the ferrule to avoid discoloration! Try to clean your brushes after each use or as occasional as possible!