Botanics Skin Care Review – Yay or Nay?

Skincare is always a good idea, but what about CHEAP skincare? Can it actually be beneficial to you or are you better off saving up and buying the expensive stuff?

After seeing Facebook lose it’s mind over ‘Botanics’ I decided to give it a go.
Botanics is another of Boots own brands. It promotes itself as being healthy for the skin and being plant extract driven – Hence the ‘Botanics’ name and giant plant image on the product..

So If it really is so simple AND CHEAP to just bottle up some plants, why don’t more brands do it? Well, Probably because it’s a bad idea.

Let’s start with the eye makeup remover.
I wasn’t put off by the slightly unappealing colour of the product – It IS plant based after all… so if it is natural…they aint gonna be nice and white.
My problem with it is the expiration date. 6 Months.

This IS a product you will be applying to the eye area so you DO need to pay attention to expiration dates, after all you wouldn’t put a mascara that is past its date, that you have had for years on your eyes so this would be no different.
There is no production date. How long has this product been sitting in transit, a box or stockroom before I bought it? But that isn’t even the biggest issue..

One the back of it it says the following:’This product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Use a sunscreen and limit sun exposure during usage of the product and for a week after use of the product has stopped.’

wait… WHAT?
Basically, It promotes and pushes the fact is it plant based then on the back gives you usage warning BECAUSE IT IS PLANT BASED.
At the end of the day, we are human beings NOT PLANTS. Plants love the sun and eat that shit up however us humans have to be a little more careful.
This is a product you are applying to your eye area. Do you really want to have to consciously apply more sunscreen to your eye area for the sake of using an eye makeup remover?
PS: it is SUPER oily. Not fun.

Makeup remover wipes:
yes, they will take your makeup off. ONTO THE PROBLEM:
It states on the back it has natural AHA’s from the flower. AHA..where did we just hear about that? OH YEAH THE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER! Only more interestingly, the wipes – which you would use all over your face, DO NOT give you the same sunscreen warning the eye makeup remover does!! WHAT!?

Let’s just take a minute.. and talk to Jesus… at how frustrating this is.

Then there is a cleanser:
It is a foam wash that gently cleanses impurities for all skin types.
Pleasant smell. I do actually like to use this when my Clarins Pure Melt runs out. It is probably the only one I would re purchase. If i had to repurchase one.

Do the products do what they are supposed to do? YES.
Would I buy Loads of Botanics products to use as my only skincare regime. NO