About me

My name is Rebecca Horgan also known as The Beauty Bible on Instagram! I’m a qualified and experienced makeup artist and a digital marketer with a love and passion for all things cosmetics!

Makeup Artistry Website

You can check out my artistry work at www.rebeccahorganmakeupartist.com to see my portfolio!

My Marketing Story

  • I hold a First Class Honors Bachelors of Business Degree in Marketing & Sales.
  • Currently completing a Masters in Digital Media and Marketing.
  • Awarded the GRETB Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award.
  • Awarded an Academic Achievement Award in Visual Design.


  • Current Employment position:
    • Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Previous Employment Positions:
    • Marketing Manager,
    • Digital Marketing Intern,
    • Online Brand Manager

What is on this Website?

This website is where I post longer reviews and insights into products as opposed to just showing them briefly on instagram!
I can post more pictures here and show the products in better detail!

I don’t have any crazy plans with my website and social media other then I just log every day of my life. Not looking not be a world dominating influencer, I just enjoy sharing what Im wearing, doing, the makeup and the fun!

So join along on the ride!

Highly Certified from sitting both, the Google exams and Hubspot Exams