Bperfect The perfect Storm Face Palette

Bperfect have released their brand new and FIRST Face Palette, but is it worth the hype? The palette retails for €18.95 and here is my breakdown:

I have such a love/hate relationship with this palette. I love half of it and WANT to love the other half but I JUST CAN’T.

This warm bronzer should have been INCREDIBLE for a full glam, warm toned makeup look but it just does not deliver. You have to dig and dig for the pigment in the bronzer and even still it isn’t worth the hassle involved. It then doesn’t blend as seamless as you would wish. I have other bronzers of various price ranges that just need a swirl of a brush and the pigment is loaded. This is probably the first time Iv genuinely been let down by a BPerfect product – pigment wise.

The blusher – I adore. It is beautifully warm and coral. It packs pigment and blends easily. This would look incredible with the bronzer if the bronzer would deliver. On a no makeup – makeup look or a full glam, this blusher is stunning.

I also loved the brightening powder. This looks flawless on the under eye and really does give an illuminating effect without being shimmery or glittery.

The highlighter was meh. Nothing special. I have highlighters from other BPerfect palettes that were better. It does the job and has pigment but it is just not memorable or special.


This palette realistically was around €20 therefore I not mad that I really only loved two of the four powders. I am just more puzzled as to why there is such a drop in quality with that bronzer. I will use this palette for makeup looks but it is forgetable and would not be high on my ‘MUST HAVE’ list.

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