Steampod Test & Trial Review

I feel like I was the last person on planet Earth to try the steampod! It had been on my bucket list after hearing so many people swear by it and saying how they could never go back to a regular straightener after using it. I really couldn’t understand the hype? It’s just a straightener? – turns out, it is actually a good bit more than ‘just a straightener’

I was very kindly gifted my steampod from where I work, it most certainly lived upto the hype!

I found the Steampod very easy to use and the results from it lasted for at least 3 days. I have hair extensions and when I say my hair was POKER straight for 3 days, I really mean not a single kink in the hair. My hair felt smooth and sleek and the overall process of straightening my hair was very quick. I’m yet to try curling my hair with it, I feel I’m gonna need to watch some tutorials first! I do feel it is quite the game-changer. It is efficient and does exactly what It says it will do.

There is also two Steampod hair care products but I have not tried them. The Steampod has a price tag of €240 – €260 depending on where you shop. This type of product is absolutely one that will last you. There really is no reason why you should be repurchasing a styling tool frequently. I have had curlers and straighteners for years so I do consider them an investment piece. The steampod has a nice weight to it without it being bulky or heavy – it by no means feels cheap.

Personally, I love mine and would recommend if you have the money to spend, to pick one up or put it on a present list for birthdays or Christmas!

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