Com Training Month 2

Im now into my second month with Caroline O Mahony coaching. I really enjoy the workouts and getting into the habit of tracking calories actually came to me easily enough. However, The problem that ALWAYS occurs, occurred. I will just stagnate in progress. This has always led me to dropping off from personal training or following routines. I put in work and get nothing back. It is so frustrating because I don’t know what Im doing wrong, or if there’s more I can give without being miserable over it.

So I emailed Caroline and explained the situation, I’m tracking everything and loving the workout – even adding some extra of my own in but not measurement or scale is budging and progress pics are identical. Caroline was so tuned in to my problem and asked me to send her on my info. The following day she had altered my plan and added some extra bits for me to work on. Honestly I was surprised at how quickly she responded and how personal it was. As I said in the first post I did about starting my coaching journey with Caroline, Iv never had much expectations from ‘Online coaches’ so I wasn’t sure what to expect – but her attentiveness to my problem really surprised me in a positive way. The next day I altered my calories. Got two water bottles; one 2 Lr and a 1Lr to make sure to get my water intake in, and the hardest addition being upping my typical daily step count to 10,000 from my average of 7,000. My next check in is in 2 weeks. So that will be my next update post on how my new plan is going!

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