Kash Beauty Lip Kits

If you follow me on instagram you know I am a BIG lipstick fan! Any colour, any finish – I want it.

Once I bought the two Kash Beauty eyeshadow palettes and was bowled over by the quality, I needed to try the lipsticks. I started with the lip kits mainly because they had the lip liners in them that I could then use for other lipsticks from Kash Beauty.

Each kit comes with a lipstick and lip liner. The lipsticks have a beautiful creamy consistency and smell like butterscotch – DREAMY!. The lip liners aren’t the exact same colour as the lipsticks and I love that. This allows you to essentially, modify the colour of the overall lip look depending on how much liner you apply while also giving a real nice contour to the lips. The three kits are ‘Rust Nude’, ‘True Nude’ and ‘Rose Nude’. The names sum them up perfectly too. I already know from a swatch alone that True Nude is going to be MY JAM.

There has already been a new launch of lipsticks in the newer ‘Crystal Nights Collection’ and I’m absolutely going to have to get them too! You can shop from my affiliate link below.

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