Starting with Caroline o Mahony Coaching

Any of you who follow along with me on Instagram would know I love working out and weights but for the past year, I felt I had hit a wall, not a plateau but a literal wall on my fitness goals.

I understand the concept, I get what I have to do – but my body LITERALLY would not play ball with me. This resulted in me constantly researching information and maxing out my efforts only to have literally no results at the end. I knew I needed to find someone to coach me – but alas Covid.

I should say, I am HIGHLY sceptical of ‘Online Coaches’. If you have hundreds of clients – how can you possibly be tailing to their needs and giving them the appropriate support they need? So After extensive researching, I went with someone I have followed on Instagram for quite some time – Caroline O Mahony. Her coaching page has some pretty impressive testimonial pictures. I approached this thinking, I’m literally all out of other options so If I end up just burning €49 on nothing at least I gave it a go and can justify my opinion on online coaches! I am incredibly open-minded tho, I will do what Caroline tells me – to the T. With no variants or straying for 4 weeks and will update you on my progress! I signed up today and once I have everything sent on to me I will start into it. I will be doing weekly check-ins to keep you all updated! I do really admire Caroline so let’s hope for the best!

I have tried numerous types of training routines and food plans but It always felt thrown together or that I wasn’t fully confident in the program I had put together for myself – frankly because I didn’t have a complete understanding of what I was doing – a lot of it, I was jamming together or winging,

So to have a set program tailed to my needs and goals has me excited! Im ready to really crush it!

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