Colourpop Eyeshadows

I bought colourpop eyeshadows and their liquid lipsticks a while ago and for the price point, I absolutely love them! They have various different textures and finishes so I found that I needed adjust how I applied them depending on the finish I was using. I did find the best initial application was with my fingers and then blending it out.

Another tip is if you are using a brush, use a flat brush to lay down the pigment and build and blend from there! Also, the liquid lipsticks most definitely stain your lips, so bear that in mind!

These ‘Super Shock’ eyeshadows were $6 each If I recall correctly and the liquid lips – (which I will do a separate post on!) came in roughly at the same price .

FYI : Be careful if you do choose to place an order, as they are an American brand you will run the risk of customs charges!

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