Bperfect Carnival XL Pro

This is a palette from my makeup collection that I always forget I have. It actually has quite an interesting colour story. This palette is JAM PACKED with vibrant colours of all hues to help you create a colourful look. If you were looking to add one colourful palette to use for ‘pops of colour’ in makeup looks, then this one would definitely do it for you. There is. stunning selection of pinks and reds in this palette. they far right columns are more muted brown tones incase you felt like playing it safe!

Overall, I do like these eyeshadows and I particularly like the shimmer shades. They are beautiful when used wet or dry with a finger or brush which is something of a rarity these days! The occasional shade can feel a bit chalky but its not enough to completely deter me from this palette or any bperfect palette as I have noticed this with a few of the shadows in their other palettes.

BPerfect Carnival X








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