Kash Beauty Eyeshadow toppers

Each Kash beauty product I bought, I did so individually. I was hesitant about quality from a brand I have never tried before so after I was impressed with the eyeshadow palettes, I decided to purchase the eyeshadow toppers. I definitely intend to buy the lipsticks at some point too!

They come as a duo for €19.99. One shade is a bright gold tone while the other is more of a champagne colour. The blend very easily with a brush once applied. They have a great pointed applicator that makes it easier to be more precise with placement. I sincerely hope they bring out more colours with the same level of pigmentation. I really like how they feel on the eye too! VERY lightweight and not in any way gritty or chunky.

if you are looking for an affordable option and a shopping Irish option, the Kash Beauty Eyeshadow toppers are a great choice! Shipping was also very fast and I think comes in at around €5.

Kash Beauty Eyeshadow Toppers








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