PLouise ‘Read All about it’ palette

I had been dying to pick up some Plouise eyeshadows. So when I saw the ‘Read All About It’ palette I knew that was the one I was gonna go for! There is a HUGE selection of shadows and finishes in the palette. I was particularly drawn in by the variety of transition shades.

The packaging on the other hand Is incredible. I was aware that the brand really goes all out on packaging but It is entirely different when you are actually holding the palette. There is weight to the palette and a lot of thought, design and money goes into making it.

From the few shades I have swatched, the shadows are incredibly buttery and smooth. They blend like a dream and the shimmers are nice and subtle for adding a glow to an eye look. I Swatched all of the different finishes available in this palette and there wasn’t one that let the palette down.

I will definitely be purchasing more from Plouise after the first impressions I have from this palette.

This palette retails for £43.00 and is currently in stock.

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