BPerfect Manifest Palette

I’m not even gonna lie to you, once I saw this palette I wanted it! It just had a great mix of colours, textures and finishes. The pan size of the shadows is also huge! The palette itself feels weighty and of good quality and think it was the price point that hit it home for me €24.95.

The colours are just stunning! Im always looking for versatility in a palette. I want to feel like I can get numerous looks from one makeup palette and I do feel you could get quite creative with this or even keep it simple, but either way you have options!

Two of the ‘glitter’ shades have a grittiness to them. They are not completely opaque so you would use these as a topper on eyeshadow. The other shimmer shade (the yellow/gold tone) is buttery to touch and blends nicely.

These are only first impressions based on touch, feel and initial swatches. I will update this once I have used them to create a look!

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