Clean Cut meals

I am a terrible eater. Honestly. I love food but I could easily spend the day surviving off of coffee and even when I would do a food shop, I would spend around €100 but would only ever have dinners out of it but I am honestly useless as breakfast and lunch meals!

I have had Clean Cut Meals before, but my eating habits had gotten so bad I needed a reboot to get myself back to eating regularly. I get the 6 day CCM plan for €110 which includes 6 breakfasts and 12 meals. Whenever I meal prep the food always tastes like crap and bland when I go to eat it! CCM food however, is incredible.

Each meal is full of flavour and variety which makes it so much easier to enjoy the meals. Also knowing my food for the week is all set up and ready really helps!

The 6 day plan includes 12 meals and 6 breakfasts! The meals are a mix of turkey, beef, fish,pork and chicken so there Is PLENTY of variety. I really can’t stress how good the flavours in these meals are! there are vacuum packed to keep at the goodness in, pop it in the microwave for 3 mins and BOOM delicious tasty food!

I find it really helpful to keep my food on track during busy periods and ensure I’m meeting nutritional needs and goals. The plan I eat Is high in protein and low in fat, hence the excess amount of turkey meals!

I really do find it great value for money and its also great as a ‘restart’ for your diet!

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