BPerfect Liquid Eyeshadows

This was definitely a random spur of the moment purchase! I had initially just bought the ‘Champagne Pink’ colour because frankly, it looked quite nice from what I had seen on social media. It arrived and I feel that it is going to become a staple in my makeup routine!. I was so impressed by the quality and pigmentation, not to mention price point that when Black Friday rolled around I went back and bought whatever was in stock of the other shades!

It’s hard to describe what it is exactly that I like so much about this product. I typically avoid liquid eyeshadows and prefer to stick to the old reliable – powder. I have decided to break down the main elements that elicited me to purchased. I’m going to start with the price point,

  • Under €10 is a great price point for the quality and product payoff not to mention the beautiful shade range of tones such as Blue, purple, pink, copper, olive, gold – there is something for everyone.
  • I really like the texture as It is not thick or heavy. The glitter is not chunky and the overall shine and sparkle from the glitter is beautiful and has an impressive longevity once applied.
  • The social media graphics and advertising campaign initially caught my interest and brilliantly conveyed the story of the product which created a desire within me to own the product. The images represented the products true to life.

In conclusion, I bought these products based off of compelling graphic images used in the marketing campaign and the products themselves have absolutely lived up to my expectations! If you are looking for an additional element to your makeup looks that is affordable and packing superb pigmentation, I would highly recommend these products. the applicator makes it easy for everyone from beginner to pro. The doe foot applicator can be applied directly to the eyelid or you can deposit some product onto a makeup brush to really buff out the product.

Let me know if you have picked up any of the Glamour Liquid eyeshadows! Im interested in hearing what you think of the product!

Glamour Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow








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